Marine Biologist, Jane, is found in a bathtub of blood. The excessively thin and meticulous scientist wakes up in a hospital ward, disorientated and unable to express her deep-rooted trauma.

Her story unravels through a symbolic ocean realm, merging with science.  We get to know a scarred young woman who uses her obsession with marine animals to cope with her psychological distress. She falls in love with another scientist and a mysterious Giant Pacific Octopus, both of whom are intricately woven into her concept of self.

300 Grams is a hybrid fantasy novella, intertwining fiction with fact. It aims to highlight the enchanting nature of marine life, while simultaneously exposing the harsh realities and devastating consequences of self-harm and eating disorders.



This is my first poetry collection. It covers the terrain of depression and suicidal ideation, followed by healing and transformation. Please note that this title is currently out of print.

Project Semicolon

My essay on suicide is included in this anthology.
Available at all leading bookstores.

I wrote it anyway

This anthology includes an essay I wrote on how I choose to write no matter how difficult the circumstances, how creativity is my lifeline, and how tiny pockets of magic keep me going.
Available at all leading bookstores.