Michelle ainslie

Author and pursuer of literary magic

I am a writer, bibliotherapist and journalling expert. I have degrees in Zoology and Psychology, and also recently completed my MA degree in Creative Writing and Martha Beck coach training.


I am the author of the hybrid novella, 300 Grams, and my non-fiction pieces have been widely published in various anthologies and in publications such as National Geographic.



My fiction can best be categorised as magical realism – it fits in the real world (for example the main character in 300 Grams has anorexia and struggles with self-harm), but carries elements of the fantastical (in the same book there is a giant octopus that demolishes her research vessel). I have found that writing with dense imagery and otherworldly elements helps me to talk about difficult topics – and my readers resonate on a deep level with my work because of that.

The stories of transformation I started getting from readers propelled me to share my process. Over more than three decades I have developed powerful journalling techniques that I use when my writing my books and stories, and it has also been monumental to my personal healing.

I am now sharing that process with the world.

You can find me here:

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